Program Areas

Democracy and Governance
Promoting a rights-based approach to policies supporting political pluralisms, participation and inclusion of both mainstream and marginalized communities in representative parliamentary democracy and effective governance policies, procedures and practices.

Transparency and Accountability

Supporting responsive governance structures through policy and procedural reforms and an enabling policy environment for accountable state and federating units that can promote citizen-state trust.

Devolution and Local Empowerment

Promoting greater devolution of policy and practice through an enabling legal framework and judicious distribution of resources and powers among the federating units to strengthen local governance.

Freedom of Expression and Right to Information

Supporting pluralistic participation in political and socio-economic development of all citizens, especially marginalized and minority communities and groups through an enabling media and communications regulatory regime.

Social and Political Reforms

Promoting a rights-based polity and civic participation in development through social and political reforms and fair access to state resources and opportunities for equitable development and progress.


Promoting an agenda of media legal reforms in Pakistan

Established a Coalition on Media Legal Reforms to support media reforms primarily through research and advocacy for dialogue and lobbying on media regulation issues as a means of promoting an enabling media environment especially in the provinces.

Promoting decent and safe employment practices for media workers in Pakistan

Built the capacity of Pakistan federal Union of Journalists, Women Journalists of Pakistan and All Pakistan Newspaper Employees Confederation to promote formal employment mechanisms and access to social protections for media workers as well as provide legal assistance and support that improves their labor rights and physical security.

Impact of illiteracy on HRD in the SAARC Region

Reviewed the relevant policies and programs to combat illiteracy; examined determinants of illiteracy with respect to HRD in various setups across the region; and devised strategies to improve the scenario of the region.

Mapping UN Country Level Indicators on Journalists’ Safety in Pakistan

As a part of the United Nations (UN) Plan of Action on combating the impunity of violence against journalists, mapped country-level UN-developed Journalists Safety Indicators (JSIs).

Strengthening the RTI law and combating impunity against killing of journalists

Contributed towards efforts for an enabling RTI regime, essential for the exercise of constitutional guarantees and building capacity of the journalists to use RTI law in investigative reporting as well as against the impunity of killings of journalists.

Adolescent development policy framework of AJK

Researched and strategized the development of an Adolescent Development Policy Framework (ADPF) for Pakistan-administered Kashmir region (AJK).

Women’s participation in politics in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Researched and analysed portrayal in the media of women active in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) politics and media-led messages, influencing the environment for women’s participation in politics in the northwestern Pakistani province.