Digital Media and Diversity 2022


Pakistan Media Legal Review – 2019


Mahroomiyo ke Bayaniye

Modernizing Media Law in Pakistan-Review of Legal Framework Governing Media

UN plans of Action on the Safety of Journalist and the Issue of Impunity in Pakistan (2012-2022)

State of Digital Media Freedoms in Pakistan 2021


Decent Work in Pakistani Media


Hate Speech Versus Free Speech – Shrinking Spaces For Minority Voices online



 Digital Media and Diversity: How Pakistan’s Media Reports Minorities  

Pakistan Media Legal Review 2020


Pakistan: Note on the Proposed Mandate and Scope
of the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority

Impact of Illiteracy on Human Resource Development in the SAARC Region 


Annual Proactive Disclosure Report  2020


Annual Proactive Disclosure Status Report 2019 – IRADA

Narratives of Marginalization



Employment Contract with Media Workers-An Overview of Employment Contracts in Pakistan (English)

Labour Rights in Pakistan-A Handbook for Journalists on Covering Labour Issues

Communicating Development-A Resource Guide for Development Organizations


Journalists Safety Law for Pakistan

Supporting Safety of Journalists in Pakistan-An Assessment based on UNESCO’s Journalists’ Safety Indicators

Inactive Government on Proactive Disclosure

Communicating Development-A Resource Guide for Govt Information Officers


Pakistan Media Legal Review 2017

Agenda for Media Reforms – Enabling Environment for Professional Media in Pakistan

Media Reforms in Pakistan-Model Broadcasting Law

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Parties Online-Elections 2018: Political Communications and Digital Democracy

Right to Information Legislation in Pakistan-Challenges and Success Stories

Labour Rights in Pakistan-In the Framework of the Country Constitution, National Labour Legislation and International Labour Standards